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  • How to use RESTUBE

    1. Attach the Restube to your waist or equipment
    2. Pull the trigger to inflate the Restube safety tube in seconds
    3. Now you have time to rest and catch your breath
    4. Wave the Restube or blow its whistle to attract attention
    5. Swim without resistance by dragging the Restube behind you
    6. Help someone else in trouble by handing them a Restube

Customer reviews

  • Adrian C. (Grandfather)

    “I'm definitely not an Olympic swimmer, but when I'm in the surf with my 5 grand kids, I feel much more confident in my abilities to make sure they are safe.”

  • Paul H. (Paraglider)

    "Ticks all the boxes for my requirements. Small, light, quick and easy to activate. It will live in my paraglider harness and hopefully never be required.”

  • Ian R. (Ocean swimmer)

    “I've just returned to ocean water swimming after many years. My Restube has given me that extra confidence I needed to get back in the water. It's low profile means that I hardly know it is there."

  • Peter D. (Kiteboarder and paddler)

    "Feels really good to have a safety device like restube when i am offshore kiting or paddling. Great invention."

  • Christopher H. (Beach swimmer)

    "A great piece of equipment in the surf. Much easier to swim with than a rescue tube. There when you need it. Great peace of mind."

  • Trevor N. (Rock fisherman)

    "I actually forget I'm even wearing but it's good to have the peace of mind knowing that I've got something to keep me afloat if I do fall in and get into trouble! Great quality product!"

  • Karen P. (Surf ski ocean paddler)

    "Love my Restube!! It makes me feel safer. My husband and I are in our 60s and paddle our surf ski in the ocean 3-4 times a week. It can be a little unnerving in the open ocean, and we have witnessed and experienced a few serious or near-serious incidents, so safety is very important to us. "

  • Glen B. (Boating and fishing)

    "Great for boating and fishing and a simple solution to a real problem! Unlike my PFD, I wear the Restube 100% of the time when I’m on the boat. The Restube does not get hot or in the way of fishing and I forget I’m even wearing it."

  • Becky S. (Surfer and mother)

    "My son Noa has very basic swimming ability and has not spent much time out of his depth. I gave Noa a brief explanation on what to do to trigger the Restube to inflate. I then asked Noa to float just out of his depth and then he pulled the cord on the Restube waist belt to trigger inflation of the Restube. It inflated perfectly first go. He pulled the Restube under his arms and floated around comfortably."